Hem of His Garment - Touch God with your love and be healed
This ministry is about healing, it’s a movement to help women heal inside, to teach people how to love themselves and how to heal marriages.  Yes it was a woman who had the faith to press through the crowd and touch the hem of Jesus’ garment (Matthew 20:22) and as many as touched his hem was healed (Matthew 14:35-36). This is about healing from the inside out.  God never meant for women to be beat, raped or abused.  God wants people to live happily, he don’t want you to give up or die.  You can be healed but you have to start from the inside.  He is no longer here on earth but his spirit moves and we must learn to touch him by faith; with our whole heart by closing our eyes and crying out to him in a perfect praise and in the sincerity of heart.  Healing is about your attitude toward yourself, towards life, your self esteem and your relationship with God.  We must learn to give back to God just as he has given to us and we do that with our love towards him, love towards other people and love we feel towards ourselves.  This is my service to Jesus Christ because he is good and kind and I want you to know that only he can heal you inside and until he does, you never really live.  God has healed me of my emotional issues and I’m here to help you overcome yours.  I know what it’s like hurt so bad that you want to die.  He taught me to love myself; he taught me that I’m not trash, I’m not a dog just because some man didn’t want me, I’m not trash because people don’t like me and he taught me that he wants people overcome their deep hurts.  He created the woman to be a thing of beauty like the flower. It takes a strong woman to raise her children without a man, to pick up the pieces of her life after being broken down and to create this page.  I created this ministry because it is what God placed in me and I want my life to matter. God has made me a light to be used for his glory and I want to give back to him.  (Matt 5:14-16)  If he helped me then he can help you.  I hope this message has given you courage to love yourself because if you don’t no one else will. God wants you to be healed and will give you back your will to live, let him help you be an awesome woman.  Reach out and touch his hem like the woman with the issue of blood and be healed. (Mark 5:25-34) Please follow us and click on our links and watch for updates on our conferences and retreats and engagements.
Please bare with is as we are still under construction.